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Hi, I'm Alex Mackey. Welcome to my profile!

Alex Mackey's Bio:

I run a video production company: Oh, Rio! Productions. I love to work when I'm shooting cool events or working on cool projects. I'm pretentious about what I shoot, but that's helped me get where I am today with my shooting and editing. I have three little boys that are adorable and loud. I love them lots and lots. I hated school with a passion, and majored in advertising only so I could watch TV for homework and cause it seemed like an easy major. I still think school is a necessary colossal waste of time, merely because of the emphasis put on it by our society. These days, you can learn everything you need to know with on-the-job training and spell check. I had a film at Sundance 2010 called One Too Many Mornings. The site is if you want to check it out. It's fun to see the credits list out Alex Mackey as the Co-Producer on the movie and it was awesome to go to Sundance as a filmmaker. I have a number of TV shows in the works. Three of them already have pilots shot. Others have talent attached. I received a horrible offer from a company in San Francisco in September 2007. I turned it down. I continue to refine, shop, develop. It is a long and continuous process. One of the coolest shows I've done a pilot for is Extraterrestrial Encounters. I've lived in 10 states and 2 countries. I love living in California.

Alex Mackey's Experience:

  • Media Supervisor at New and Improved Media

  • Advertising at Laserfiche

  • President at Oh, Rio! Productions

Alex Mackey's Education:

  • Linn - Mar High School

Alex Mackey's Interests & Activities:

Video production, music videos, Ferrari, editing, shooting, movie making, watching TV, swimming, diving, Greg Louganis, weight-loss, chocolate, sugar and flour, cupcakes.

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